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Amani’s Tabbouleh

Milos, Greece

Hi all,

Here we are in Milos and it’s fabulous to be back. Wish we were all together. I was thinking of all of you while I was making lunch today. We haven’t done a big shop yet so it was made up of some staples (not the office kind) and some bits and pieces we were able to source locally. So here’s the menu. Amani’s tabbouleh and feta-courgette bake. Easy and yummy!

Amani's tabbouleh

Hanin, this is how your mom taught me to make tabbouleh the Jordanian way. Unlike a lot of recipes you don’t mix the oil and lemon together and pour it on. You will see, the flavour balance is perfect. We had two large servings each and leftovers for the next day. It kept fine. Continue reading


Feta Courgette (Zucchini) Bake

This is delicious and light for summer. You can also do it with chopped cooked spinach, peppers, mushrooms etc. or a combination. All we had were two little courgettes so this is what I did to serve the two of us.
courgette feta bake

Continue reading

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