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Ricotta and Basil Pasta

Barcelona, Spain

Hello Ladies!

The weather is still very hot here in Barcelona, and with Groucho getting bigger (and hungrier) I was feeling like a nice fresh dish of pasta that required little time to prepare (I know I am a lazy girl!!). I looked for several recipes and tried out this one that I am sharing with you – first because it was particularly tasty, adapted to the hot summer weather, and second, because I know that you love Ricotta!! 🙂

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Carlsbad mussels, white wine and lemon garlic pasta

Carlsbad, California

Hello Ladies,

I want to share a recipe that I made up last week and that was really, really yummy! One of the great things about being in Carlsbad is the new revamped farmers market on State Street. There are so many local producers that sell their fresh and delicious food, it totally inspires me to cook.

A couple of weeks ago I bought some lemon garlic pasta from the Pappardelles stand in the market and was dying to pair it with something scrumptious. In the end I fell under the spell of Carlsbad Aquafarm‘s eco-friendly mussels (local and gentle with the planet, what’s not to love?). I was a little daunted as I’d never cooked mussels before. It was surprisingly easy and yielded great results!

Here’s the recipe, it makes enough for two to four people depending on whether you have it as starter or a main course.

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Strawberry Heaven

August 7th, 2013

Hello Ladies,

This is one of my favorite recipes because it requests very little time from me, yet wows my guests ;). A very simple summer recipe – but be sure to make one or two extra servings because there is always someone who will ask for more!

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