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Breakfast Muffins – Gluten-free


Muffins….mmmmm…… Gluten-free???? Oh yeah! Just because I’ve had to take out wheat does not mean I cannot have muffins, pancakes, etc…

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French toast topped with apple and salted caramel

Belle-Ile-en-Mer, France

Hello Ladies,

French toast with apple & salted butter caramel topping

It’s good to back in France after a gorgeous summer in Southern California. The man and I have been visiting friends on the lovely island of Belle-Ile-en-Mer in Brittany. As I’m sure you know, Brittany is a wild place with a windswept coast and salty air. Historically, the livelihood of Bretons was intricately linked with the sea (actually, it still is) and this is reflected in their local gastronomy .

Seafood is plentiful here and I’ve been seeing people digging for palourdes (a type of clam) in the port of Sauzon during low tide. I’m dying to join them but, since I do not have the requisite rubber boots, I’ve been told this would be a terrible idea. No fun! Instead I’ve been enjoying buckwheat galettes with camembert, salted butter caramel crêpes and washing it down with Breton cider at the local crêperie Les Embruns. Not too shabby.

I needed an excuse to buy a pot of gooey and marvellous caramel beurre salé (salted butter caramel) so I put together a recipe for French toast topped with diced apples cooked in the aforementioned caramel.

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The True Story of my Shrimp Ricotta Ravioli

Herblay, France

With all the excitement of seeing Beth again after three long months of Bethlessness, I wanted to make a great dinner-I really did-but it didn’t happen. I had too many ideas and ran out of time so we all sat down to a very ordinary supper of spicy shrimp and avocado to start and spaghetti as main. It was great to be together and catch up on all her comings and goings but I felt badly that I hadn’t treated her to something special. We made plans to meet again around the table the next night.

In the morning I made a stock with a bag full of shrimp heads and carcasses that I had in the freezer and added the ones from the night before. So easy!


Ok, so the stock was ready and I found some Japanese wonton wrappers tucked away in the freezer, so as you might imagine, I’m in an Asian frame of mind. I ran out to the market for coriander, chives and coconut milk but when I got there, there was something I hadn’t anticipated. There at the back of our beautiful Herblay market (pictures to come!)  was a new and fantastic Italian stand. Oh my, all that fresh pasta, all the gorgeous antipasti. I couldn’t resist. Menu change on the spot! From Asian to Italian in six and a half seconds. I resisted the pasta because I had my wonton wrappers at home. I went for the antipasti: luscious big marinated artichokes, hot little peppers stuffed with tangy goat cheese, fresh ricotta, sun blush tomatoes (tomates confites). On my way back through the market I picked up some rucola, olives and more shrimp. Happy me. So the menu was now a big, showy antipasto platter followed by some kind of shrimp ravioli that I had to concoct. I was worried about the ginger in the stock but it worked fine and added depth to the flavor. Not genuine Italian but delicious all the same.

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Tuna Melt – Gluten Free

Vancouver, Canada


So- a few months ago I found out I was gluten intolerant. Gluten-free eating is not that hard- except when it comes to comfort foods for me. Mom made incredible tuna melts. And I was craving a tuna melt. I don’t like gluten-free bread- so what to do?!!!!

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