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French onion soup to keep you warm

Paris, France

Hello Ladies,

Brrr…. anyone else cold?

French onion soupParis can get so damp and miserable this time of year. What better way to keep warm than with a bowl of steaming homemade French onion soup, complete with the requisite heaps of melted gruyère? I’d been promising my Man this very treat for over a year now (in my defence, you can really only make it in the colder months…) so he was thrilled when I busted out my traditional French lion-head bowls and got down to business.

I’m a big fan of onion soup and have tried recipes from a number of cookbooks over the years. I remember in 2008 when Emily came over to help me prepare a batch in the teeny tiny Parisian kitchen I had back then. The soup was tasteless and I was lucky she was there to rescue the meal. In the end, one of my French guests said it was “une vraie soupe à l’onion Parisienne” (a real Parisian onion soup) so we did well – thank you Emi! Continue reading

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