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Orange and chocolate chip muffins you can’t tell are vegan!

Herblay, France


Hello Ladies,

Sorry it’s taken me so long to get this recipe on the blog. I can’t believe that Christmas was over a month ago. It seems like yesterday that we were enjoying these delicious and moist orange muffins over our Christmas morning breakfast.

As you know, one of the challenges of being together was finding things that everyone could eat. Between Hanin’s pregnancy, different food allergies and other dietary requirements we were a hard group to feed!

This recipe is adapted from the only muffin cookbook you’ll ever need: Muffins: Fast and Fantastic by Susan Reimer. Seriously – I can’t recommend it highly enough. Emily and I worked together to adapt the Orange Muffins recipe by making it vegan, adding chocolate chips and skipping the glaze – delicious! The boys tore into them and had no clue that they were vegan…!

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Chicken with Spinach Curry

Vancouver, Canada

I was seriously fancying some Indian- particularly spinach. As I’m on a dairy free diet at the moment due to minor allergies- my palak paneer was out of the question. But I also had chicken- so…. I improvised based on another curry dish I had tried and loved. It is very garlicky and super good!

Chicken curry recipe

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Kafta with Sesame Sauce – A week with Amani

Hello Ladies,

We have been back for only a week and Christmas seems so long ago… It was great spending time with all of you and I hope 2014 will bring us all geographically closer, so we can see each other more often!

“Waaaiiiitttt!” 😉

So let’s start 2014 with another recipe from my mom.

The base is ground beef. But again, you can use turkey meat or even chicken and add some meat spices that I believe Santa brought you @ Xmas. 🙂

Santa’s nice like that!

2013-11-29 20.52.20

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