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Easy Homemade Artisan Bread

Vancouver, March 2014

There’s nothing quite like home-made bread: the smell, the taste and the real sense of accomplishment. But it can be quite laborious what with all the kneading. No more thanks to Jim Lahey from Sullivan Street Bakery!!! Here’s his original recipe which I followed from the article in the NY Times. It’s so easy that even little Norah could make it (well- one day soonish…)

Hot bread!


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It’s a Tie (Thai?) Fish

Herblay, France

Dear ones,

Kudos to Hanin and Thomas for Norah,  the most amazing addition to the Williams family. She’s adorable! She even has a hat that says so. The sun is shining and Norah is one week old today! Big happy!


There was so much excitement and anticipation here in Herblay last Sunday that I have to admit cooking was far from uppermost in my mind. All the same, Beth set the bar very high , producing those great crab and shrimp raviolis in broth. What did I have to work with? Some beautiful thick cod and runner beans fresh from the market, plus my usual odds and ends in the pantry. Beth made it Asian so I had to complement that in the main course.

Beth was very flattering when she named my recipe Thai Fish but this isn’t the least bit authentic. It is a total cheat, so my apologies to lovers of the real thing. What I will say though is that there wasn’t one grain of rice, slice of bean or drop of sauce left on anyone’s plate.

Had there been a contest between the two courses, the best I could have hoped for was a tie (Thai). Groan.

Here’s all I did for the three of us.

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