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Short and Sweet: 2 minute Almond, Cinnamon Apple Cake

Vancouver, Canada

This has got to be the most incredible and simple dessert to make. Seriously. I am on the Paleo diet- however I was having friends over for dinner and wanted to have a treat dessert. And I found this recipe from The Paleo Mom – and I’m hooked. And my friends are hooked. I have adapted the recipe- mine uses pecans and omits the coconut.



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Sardine and mackerel rillettes (the easiest apéro you’ll ever make)

Herblay, France

Hello Ladies,

Sardine and mackerel rillettes

As you know, the man and I have just come home from a wonderful 10 days in Belle-Ile-en-Mer. We really didn’t want to leave Brittany to come back to Paris – funny that seems to happen every time we go there! We had stunning weather that was perfect for hiking, strolling along the ports and barbecuing on the beach. The last time we were there a friend made simple BBQ of grilled sardines – a fish that I was convinced I didn’t like. The result was quite simply a food epiphany. Why had I shunned sardines for so long? How could I not know how delicious they are? Why am I so stupidly picky about food??? In any case, the same friend treated us to another sunset feast on the beach this time with sardines AND mackerels. Turns out, mackerel is delicious too. Needless to say that my life has changed forever.

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Delicious Birthday Carrot Cake

Barcelona, April 2014

Hola Ladies!
After a month of crazy changes in our life, due to the arrival of our little angel Norah, I am finally able to better manage my time and publish this post.

Even though Thomas and I are on a diet in order to lose the pregnancy weight (that we both put on…), I wanted to share with you the recipe of a delicious carrot cake I found online on Marmiton. Carrot Cake is one of Thomas`favorites and I really enjoyed making this cake for his last birthday party in November, Thomas and the guests really loved it! I did too 🙂
It became one of my specialties and the gang always asks for more carrot cake!

2014-04-08 18.23.02


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Linguini with Red Pepper Pesto

Red pepper pesto linguine recipe

Herblay, France

Hi there, Here’s a  recipe that I adapted from Pasta Presto  by Norman Kolpas many, many years ago. It is a) delicious b) easy and c) cheap. It’s also great for casual entertaining. Make the pesto ahead. Start your dinner with a nice selection of antipasti or an arugula salad and finish with something fluffy and lemony. Serve a full bodied red wine for extra joy. Beth and I had this for dinner the other night without the antipasti or salad and it was just fine. I made a chunky version without the cheese as you can see from the photos. WARNING:if you want do the chunky version, chop or purée the garlic very fine. I didn’t and the local vampires were not pleased. Continue reading

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