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Traditional Milos Cheese Pies – a local’s recipe for delicious Pitarakia

Milos Island, Greece

Dear Readers,

The Ladies are all together in Milos and we have concocted a very special joint post to celebrate the first anniversary of Culinary Correspondence and our first submission to Fiesta Friday hosted by the Novice Gardener!

A few days ago we were lucky enough to be invited into the home and kitchen of Georgia, a neighbour of ours with a million-watt smile and some of the best pitarakia (Greek local cheese pies) on the island.

Recipe for Pitarakia - Greek cheese pies

Although Georgia doesn’t speak any English (…and our Greek is more than limited…) we somehow managed to communicate and spend a wonderful morning cooking together.

Pitarakia recipe - Georgia the Greek chef

Pitarakia are traditional little savoury turnovers filled with local salty goat/sheep cheese and fried to golden perfection. We love these tasty devils and order them all over the island. Everyone seems to have their own spin on the recipe that gets passed down for generations. Pitarakia are generally served with salads, spreads and other pies as a first course. We also like them served as part of an aperitif.

This is what Georgia taught us in her kitchen filled with lively grandchildren and friends!

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Recipe for homemade vegetable lasagna

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Hello ladies,

I’ve been enjoying my time in Luxembourg City where the Man and I have been helping a friend with her move. After a few hectic days I’ve finally had some time to cook. The apartment where we’re staying is completely blue – I guess the Italian couple that owns the place is keen on supporting la Forza Azzura in new and interesting ways.

Veg lasagna - main photo

I’ve been a little obsessed with vegetarian lasagna since my friend Reta made me one when I went to visit her. I thought it would be complicated but it turns out I was wrong – it’s a little time consuming but super easy to make. Since Reta didn’t sent me her delicious recipe (shame on you Reta!) I had to improvise. Mine is a little different, I only use tomato sauce whereas Reta also added a creamy roux. This recipe is a second, and I think better, version of the vegetable lasagna I made when Thomas was in Paris a month ago.

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