Bonus Post: Watermelon Cocktails!

Vancouver, July 2014

Hey everyone! The summer here in Vancouver is back ON! And it’s glorious: BBQs, beach parties…. So- this is a bonus post which I will need to update with a photo because embarrassingly we drank all of this before I had the brain wave to take pictures… But believe me- this is the PERFECT summer cocktail! This recipe was invented and graciously shared by Brian Fisher, one of my colleagues.

For one cocktail (We x10 to make a big jug to share):

3 oz Watermelon juice (you may want to use a juicer if making large quantities)
1.5 oz  fresh lime juice
1.5 oz tequilla
.75 oz St. Germaine (Elderflower liqueur)
.75 oz  ginger simple syrup
3 basil leaves

Soda water (optional)

Press the basil into the watermelon and lime juice with a big spoon. Add ice. Add the alcohols and ginger syrup. Strain if you wish to remove any extra basil, pour over ice and add a splash of soda water. Done! Thank me later. And be smart with alcohol- these pack a punch so be careful.




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One thought on “Bonus Post: Watermelon Cocktails!

  1. Jan August 10, 2014 at 3:43 pm Reply

    You know how I LOVE watermelon!!!

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