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Mexican Inspired Soup

Vancouver, February 2016

Hello ladies!

I was craving Mexican and I didn’t want tacos, fajitas or anything requiring tortillas. So- I decided to just try and make a hearty soup using quinoa instead of rice infused by my homemade Mexican blend of spices…and the result was delicious! This makes tons- great leftovers and freezes super well.


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Tuscan bean burgers with roasted red pepper sauce

Carlsbad, California

Hello Ladies,

The Man and I have been devouring the golden California sunshine since we arrived about two weeks ago. Gorgeous, hot, brilliant, caliente sun!

It’s weird not being in my Barcelona kitchen though, and it’s taken me some time to get used to my new digs. At home my pantry is stocked with all my go-to plant-based staples, not the case over here. I also caved and bought a food processor… I just couldn’t live without one. I’ve been putting my new purchase to good use by making super-duper healthy whole food plant-based meals like the tuscan bean burgers I want to share with you today. This new concoction boasts a toasted focaccia enclosing a hearty cannellini bean patty, topped with a roasted red pepper sauce, slow roasted cherry tomatoes and tangy arugula. Drooling yet?

Tuscan white bean burger on focaccia

I’ll admit it, they’re a bit of work but TOTALLY worth it.

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Freezing your own herbs

Love the taste of fresh herbs?! Yeah- me too. Want to enjoy the flavor of your summer herbs even during the winter months? Want to preserve the left over herbs you bought after using what you needed for one recipe? Well my friends, I got you covered this week. I know this isn’t a recipe- but it’s useful for future recipes. Here are a couple of ways I use to have fresh herbs year round and reduce any waste.



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