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Vegan Red lentil and Spinach Curry

Hey guys,

So in line with the goal of trying to eat more wholesome plant based meals- I made this rich, luxurious curry. It’s actually a blend of recipes from Naturally Ella and Pinch of Yum . Feel free to amend as desired. I served this over pearl barley which was super delicious- but feel free to use any grain you’d like 🙂


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Salmon en Papillote

Barcelona, October 26th

Ladies ! I hope you are all well.

Things have been ok here in Barcelona, the weather is beautiful, Norah is growing up so fast and Thomas and I have been enjoying the routine. We are getting into a good rhythm now between Norah starting the creche and me getting used to working again, it has been pretty nice 🙂

So for this recipe, I tried it one night when I really felt like a change. We had salmon at our disposal but I didnt feel like cooking it the usual way, which is in a pan. First, because it is kind of boring, and second, because the kitchen would smell for the following week. I hate that !

So I went online searching for an original recipe that was easy and with not too many weird ingredients as all grocery stores were closed.

I came across this one, I have to admit I was not really excited about it at first, and I even thought the mix of ingredients was a bit weird… But I was intrigued!


Well, I am so happy I took the chance as Thomas thought this was one of the best recipes I have ever made… wow! So I made it last week when our friends Ben and Katie visited… They really liked it too (or they are very good liars! hehe)

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It’s a Tie (Thai?) Fish

Herblay, France

Dear ones,

Kudos to Hanin and Thomas for Norah,  the most amazing addition to the Williams family. She’s adorable! She even has a hat that says so. The sun is shining and Norah is one week old today! Big happy!


There was so much excitement and anticipation here in Herblay last Sunday that I have to admit cooking was far from uppermost in my mind. All the same, Beth set the bar very high , producing those great crab and shrimp raviolis in broth. What did I have to work with? Some beautiful thick cod and runner beans fresh from the market, plus my usual odds and ends in the pantry. Beth made it Asian so I had to complement that in the main course.

Beth was very flattering when she named my recipe Thai Fish but this isn’t the least bit authentic. It is a total cheat, so my apologies to lovers of the real thing. What I will say though is that there wasn’t one grain of rice, slice of bean or drop of sauce left on anyone’s plate.

Had there been a contest between the two courses, the best I could have hoped for was a tie (Thai). Groan.

Here’s all I did for the three of us.

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Chicken with Spinach Curry

Vancouver, Canada

I was seriously fancying some Indian- particularly spinach. As I’m on a dairy free diet at the moment due to minor allergies- my palak paneer was out of the question. But I also had chicken- so…. I improvised based on another curry dish I had tried and loved. It is very garlicky and super good!

Chicken curry recipe

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Palak Paneer (my way- or rather our local Indian restaurant way)

Vancouver, Canada

I really fancied some palak paneer (spinach and paneer curry also known as saag paneer). But not the traditional kind- I wanted the kind made by our Indian restaurant back in France which uses Laughing Cow cheese instead of paneer.

Palak Paneer 2

I researched how the traditional palak paneer is made, noted what the spices and methodology were and just went for it. And did this hit the spot?! YOU BET IT DID!

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Easy Curry

Barcelona, Spain

Hello Ladies!

Finally, after several weeks of being super busy between work, looking for an apartment and preparing our move, tonight I missed cooking so much that I decided to take a break from all the planning and to prepare a special meal for me and Thomas, as well as the little Groucho growing in my belly 🙂


So after consulting with my dear husband on what he felt like eating, we both decided that my Curry was on tonight’s menu!

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