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Vegan carbonara

Barcelona, Spain

Hello Ladies,

As you know, growing up, one of the family’s favorite dishes was Dad’s carbonara (or Nigel’s Cardiac Carbonara as Mom once called it!). It’s hard to resist creamy spaghetti peppered with salty bacon bits and the hint of dry white wine. Nevertheless, I haven’t made Dad’s recipe since I abandoned cow dairy and meat… and I’ve missed it. I promised myself that one day I would veganize his carbonara, and ladies, that day has come.

Vegan carbonara recipe

I’ve been working on perfecting this recipe for some time, the trickiest part was finding an adequate bacon substitute. In the end, I found that tempeh does a fine job. This pasta doesn’t taste exactly like the original (how could it?) but it has most of the same taste markers. I confess to having a Proustian moment when I ate my first bite.

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Tuscan bean burgers with roasted red pepper sauce

Carlsbad, California

Hello Ladies,

The Man and I have been devouring the golden California sunshine since we arrived about two weeks ago. Gorgeous, hot, brilliant, caliente sun!

It’s weird not being in my Barcelona kitchen though, and it’s taken me some time to get used to my new digs. At home my pantry is stocked with all my go-to plant-based staples, not the case over here. I also caved and bought a food processor… I just couldn’t live without one. I’ve been putting my new purchase to good use by making super-duper healthy whole food plant-based meals like the tuscan bean burgers I want to share with you today. This new concoction boasts a toasted focaccia enclosing a hearty cannellini bean patty, topped with a roasted red pepper sauce, slow roasted cherry tomatoes and tangy arugula. Drooling yet?

Tuscan white bean burger on focaccia

I’ll admit it, they’re a bit of work but TOTALLY worth it.

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Italian Roasted Peppers

Herblay, France peppers Hi all, When we got home from London last night there wasn’t much in the fridge. I figured we’d have some kind of pasta and pesto (yes, out of a jar) but was looking around for something to make as a first course. Back to the fridge and there was the solution: peppers! Everything else I needed I was on hand. Forty minutes later-we sat down to some serious yum. Made a day ahead, the peppers taste even better. They add lots of colour to a selection of antipasti if you’re having friends in for Italian. I vary the filling items so everyone has a choice. Although it’s almost impossible to believe, I’ve been told that there are actually people who don’t like anchovies!!! Of course, this recipe is vegetarian and vegan friendly if you leave them out altogether. Bon appetit! Continue reading

To-die-for Ricotta and Basil stuffed Chicken Papillote

February 2015,

Hola ladies!

I hope everybody is doing well!



The whole family here is alright, we have officially begun dieting with Thomas and it has been quite a success! Not only are we losing weight, but we are also making an effort in finding delicious yet light recipes to make the ride as easy as possible! And it is actually working 🙂

The recipe I have chosen to post today is not one of the lightest, however, thanks to a great app that I am currently using, I was able to calculate the amount of calories per serving: 433 calories.

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Recipe for homemade vegetable lasagna

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Hello ladies,

I’ve been enjoying my time in Luxembourg City where the Man and I have been helping a friend with her move. After a few hectic days I’ve finally had some time to cook. The apartment where we’re staying is completely blue – I guess the Italian couple that owns the place is keen on supporting la Forza Azzura in new and interesting ways.

Veg lasagna - main photo

I’ve been a little obsessed with vegetarian lasagna since my friend Reta made me one when I went to visit her. I thought it would be complicated but it turns out I was wrong – it’s a little time consuming but super easy to make. Since Reta didn’t sent me her delicious recipe (shame on you Reta!) I had to improvise. Mine is a little different, I only use tomato sauce whereas Reta also added a creamy roux. This recipe is a second, and I think better, version of the vegetable lasagna I made when Thomas was in Paris a month ago.

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The True Story of my Shrimp Ricotta Ravioli

Herblay, France

With all the excitement of seeing Beth again after three long months of Bethlessness, I wanted to make a great dinner-I really did-but it didn’t happen. I had too many ideas and ran out of time so we all sat down to a very ordinary supper of spicy shrimp and avocado to start and spaghetti as main. It was great to be together and catch up on all her comings and goings but I felt badly that I hadn’t treated her to something special. We made plans to meet again around the table the next night.

In the morning I made a stock with a bag full of shrimp heads and carcasses that I had in the freezer and added the ones from the night before. So easy!


Ok, so the stock was ready and I found some Japanese wonton wrappers tucked away in the freezer, so as you might imagine, I’m in an Asian frame of mind. I ran out to the market for coriander, chives and coconut milk but when I got there, there was something I hadn’t anticipated. There at the back of our beautiful Herblay market (pictures to come!)  was a new and fantastic Italian stand. Oh my, all that fresh pasta, all the gorgeous antipasti. I couldn’t resist. Menu change on the spot! From Asian to Italian in six and a half seconds. I resisted the pasta because I had my wonton wrappers at home. I went for the antipasti: luscious big marinated artichokes, hot little peppers stuffed with tangy goat cheese, fresh ricotta, sun blush tomatoes (tomates confites). On my way back through the market I picked up some rucola, olives and more shrimp. Happy me. So the menu was now a big, showy antipasto platter followed by some kind of shrimp ravioli that I had to concoct. I was worried about the ginger in the stock but it worked fine and added depth to the flavor. Not genuine Italian but delicious all the same.

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