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Mosakhan – Traditional Palestinian dish

musakhan mosakhan palestinian recipe traditional dish
Hello my favorite ladies,

I am very excited to share this dish with you as it is the traditional Palestinian dish that is usually served when we have big family gatherings – and you have seen my family, you know they are BIG gatherings!

It is and always has been one of my all time favorites, not only because it is delicious, but also because it reminds me of so many good memories and fills my heart with joy.

If you remember Jan, you and Nigel actually tasted it when you were in Amman, at Zena’s place.

This time, Beth and the Man were invited to try it out!

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Amani’s Mutabal

Barcelona, Spain

Hello Ladies !

I hope you are all well.

It was so nice having Beth and the Man at home this past week. We had a great time tasting local cuisine (Thomas and I only get to eat tapas when we have guests…) and local wine.

Thanks to my mom, we were able to enjoy several nights out without Baby baby. A bit selfish maybe, but boy did it feel good! 🙂

The rest of the time, my mom cooked a lot for us, which was a real pleasure for all! So it was Beth’s idea to post one of my mom’s recipes that is really simple to make, and so tasty. Miam!


It is called Mutabal, and I know the Greeks also have a version of this recipe. Here you will find the Lebanese version. It is great to have as a dip, with Pita, or as a side, with meat. We usually have Hommos and Mutabal with barbecue.

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Roz o Imam (Rice and Aubergines) – A week with Amani

Barcelona, February 11th

Hello ladies!
It is getting colder here in Barcelona (finally?!) and I thought I would share with you one of my favorite winter recipes. It is a bit heavy – but oh so delicious.

To make it a bit healthier and more diet, you can choose to cook the aubergines in the oven instead of frying them. It changes the taste a bit, but makes us feel better 🙂 So might be a good compromise!

Just follow the same steps, but then brush the slices with olive oil and in the oven they go!

rice imam amani recipe libanese

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Mohalabiah – A week with Amani

Barcelona, Spain

Hello Ladies !

Are you ready for the second recipe of « a week with Amani »? yay! 🙂

This time, I am sharing the recipe of a dessert I was craving when in Amman: Mohalabiah. What I really like about this dessert is that while you can enjoy it the traditional way (with sugar syrup and pistachios), there are so many different ways of changing it (by only changing the toppings) that it can become a whole new experience for your palate, and you can adapt it to seasons! Yummy…

Emi, I am not sure this one is good for you unfortunately as it is based on milk. I have never tried it with Almond milk though; I think it could work…?

Maybe we can give it a try at Xmas.


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Out of the Blue Stuffed Peppers

Herblay, France

Hi all,
Friday was one of those days when the weather had changed and I wanted something warming, simple and tasty. Then out of the blue, I decided to buy some peppers and see what I could come up with.


It turned out to be stuffed peppers. Duh! This is not much of a recipe but a basic family style dish that can be adapted to your mood and whatever you have on hand. I loved stuffed peppers when I was a kid. My mom’s were very plain. They had ground pork or beef mixed with cooked rice, some onion and tomato sauce, a little parsley and if she was feeling creative, ‘Italian seasoning’ .

Here’s my basic version with extra suggestions. This made four very big stuffed peppers. I took  photos  but the result was grim. Tried again at lunch time the next day, only two peppers left and not the loveliest. In the end, I decided you’d rather look at some pretty peppers-but you can see my photo fail at the end of this post.
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Yogurt Pasta – A week with Amani

Barcelona, Spain

Hello Ladies,

I hope you are all doing well!
As you know Thomas and I had the pleasure to enjoy the company of my parents last week, which also means great food cooked by my mom!
I just love to taste her cuisine as it reminds me of so many good childhood memories when she used to cook for me and my brothers 🙂 Guilty pleasure I have to say!
For Thomas, it is quite the same since he got used to my mom’s cooking when we were living in Amman. He even claims it is one of the only things he misses!

Today, I would like to kick start the “week with Amani” recipes, with a simple but delicious first recipe, that has always been a huge success whenever I cooked it for my friends.
I have to admit it is one of the only recipes I knew how to cook before this week.

2013-10-12 20.17.52

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Amani’s Tabbouleh

Milos, Greece

Hi all,

Here we are in Milos and it’s fabulous to be back. Wish we were all together. I was thinking of all of you while I was making lunch today. We haven’t done a big shop yet so it was made up of some staples (not the office kind) and some bits and pieces we were able to source locally. So here’s the menu. Amani’s tabbouleh and feta-courgette bake. Easy and yummy!

Amani's tabbouleh

Hanin, this is how your mom taught me to make tabbouleh the Jordanian way. Unlike a lot of recipes you don’t mix the oil and lemon together and pour it on. You will see, the flavour balance is perfect. We had two large servings each and leftovers for the next day. It kept fine. Continue reading

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