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Warm Greek Potato Salad



Milos, Greece

Hello to everyone. The weather here is great  and I am just about to head out for a swim. Before I do, I want to share this simple and delicious recipe with you. We love Greek potato salad any time of year. No mayo to go yucky and/or dangerous in hot weather, just lots of top quality ingredients sprinkled with a little Greek olive oil and a few drops of wine vinegar.

Serve it with a traditional Greek salad  (without feta, if you prefer) to make a complete meal. It’s also a great addition to a buffet or picnic menu as it tastes wonderful, hot, warm or room temperature. And….it’s a perfect side. Try it. I think you’ll like it.

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Easy Warm Potato and Salmon Salad

May, Vancouver


Boy, has it ever been busy lately. It’s been great, however it’s meant that I don’t make a lot of time or have the energy to cook. I challenged myself to make a tasty, warm dinner in under 30 mins. This salad is incredibly simple, cheap and can be eaten warm or cold the next day. Without further ado- here’s my new favorite week night recipe!


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A Cheater’s Potatoes and Artichokes


Milos, Greece

Hi everyone,

It is wonderful to be back in Milos. The weather has been amazing, and we’ve been able to swim every day so far – though I have to admit that we kind of cheat and have wet suits. My recipe today is easy and delicious, full of the flavors of spring and it’s a bit of a cheat too. We spend a lot of time working while we are here and grocery shopping isn’t as easy for me as at home where I can walk to the market and stores in a few minutes.

If you have access to all the ingredients fresh from a market or maybe even your own garden, then for sure your roasted potatoes with artichokes will be even tastier than mine. Be prepared though to put in the time shelling peas and turning artichokes . Or take it easy and cheat my way.

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Herb Pork Tenderloin with Warm Potato and Kale Salad

Vancouver, Feb 2014

Warning! This does take time to prepare. BUT Oh man- is this ever a treat! I went to my friend’s Anna’s for New Year’s Day dinner and ever since regularly crave this entire meal. I now make it every other week. The potato and kale salad comes from the Honest Cooking blog which is a fantastic blog- which I adapted a little bit to cook with the pork. The original recipe has the option of adding parmesan- here is the original recipe. The potato salad is paired with a herb encrusted pork tenderloin with a hazelnut and red pepper sauce- which I adapted from the Herbfarm Cookbook by Jerry Traunfeld (it’s an amazing cookbook I can’t recommend highly enough). Be ready for a burst of flavor!

Pork and Potato

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